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HAEYOON Portrait brush set (8) for Procreate

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*The exchange rate has risen a lot, so we will proceed with a discount so that you can meet it at a lower price.

<After payment, I will send you a brush file to your email address>

구매 즉시 기입하신 이메일로 파일 발송 드립니다 (자동 발송)

결제 및 다운로드 방법은 하단의 영상을 참고 해주세요!

Update brushes

soft, wet : Complement where the starting point is circled when the line is drawn

skin : It has been changed to a natural shape.

Please note that the updated set will be sent to those who purchased after January 30, 2024 !

(If you ordered before, please write down the buyer's name/email and contact me ( ) Then I will check the purchase history and send you the updated version by e-mail)


- Commercial artwork can be produced with this brush.

- Unauthorized reproduction, re-modification, resale, and distribution are prohibited, and the buyer is responsible for all violations.

- No refund is possible due to a simple change of mind.

However, if you don't receive an email or if there is an error, please contact me by email.

Brush introduction and demonstration video

Brush set

  • Basic brush (1)
  • Watercolor brush (2)
  • Pencil brush (1)
  • Blending brushes (2)
  • Skin brush (1)
  • Oil brush (1)

* Rough blend, Soft blend brushes are recommended as finger tools (blending) rather than drawing.

Only brushes that are essential for drawing

While painting with a procreate, I tried to make the brush that best fits the portrait.

The brushes were created by making up for the shortcomings and consisting of various textures,

so they can be used not only for portraits but also for objects and landscapes :)


01 Soft

It is characterized by a soft texture with opaque concentration. with a sharp finish.

It's good for sketching without clumping,

It's a basic brush, so you can use a wide range of colors to depictions.

It's similar to Clip Studio Opaque Watercolor Brush !

*The thickness and concentration are adjusted according to the pen pressure.

Compared to the most commonly used medium hard air brush

complements the blunt end and hard feeling,

and it's a brush made with a soft feeling so that it can be drawn more comfortably by changing existing brushes such as processing and rendering . It can draw freely regardless of genre with a brush that is faithful to the basics.

02 Wet

It's translucent and gets darker as it overlaps

If you want to create a moist and clear look like you drew with watercolo so good brush to use!

It's fun to draw with moist texture.

It's recommended for those who paint while stacking colors.

Take advantage of the clear overlapping properties of colors!

03 Watery

It has a moist texture as if it's filled with waterThe paper texture is the base.It's a brush that looks like a real watercolor.

The more you apply it, the darker it gets and the more transparent it goes onbut it doesn't feel stuffy.

It's good to add light and shade to the dark areas where there's a shadow

Use the features of overlapping colors!

04 Noise

It has a grainy texture like a grain of sand, It's a pencil brush.

The edges are round 💭

It's good to describe hair like hair or eyebrows It's a brush that's good to express realistically.

it can be used for many purposes, from sketch to coloring.

05-06: Blending brush (It is even better to use the finger shape on the top of the procreate!)

05 Rough Blend

It's a blending brush with rough texture.

It's used more as a finger tool (blending) than a drawing!

If you touch the border area, it blends leaving a sticky texture.

When you use it on your hairline, it connects to your skin naturally

You can organize the lines more easily.

06 Soft Blend

Like rough blends, it's used more for blending 

You can think of it as a soft version of the rough brush.

It blends smoothly with a soft texture.

Rough blend

-Rough texture, strong border texture and blending.

Soft blend

- Blend it gently

07 Skin

Apply it on the forehead, nose, etc. where you want to touch JUICY skin. ✨

You can add highlights naturally.

  • Brush update: It has been changed to a more natural texture. It is good for coloring wide area and description using texture as well as highlight expression

08 Oil 

It's oiled and it's slippery feel.

It's a brush that can be blended very easily.

I strongly recommend it to those who like the thick feeling!

It's made of canvas texture 

You can also create it with a manual feel.

Add texture to the plain looking areas such as background, clothing texture, etc!


Q. Is it applicable to other programs such as Clip Studio, Photoshop, and Ebis?

클립스튜디오나 포토샵, 이비스 등 타 프로그램에도 적용 가능한가요?

Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Procrete-only brush latte programs.

아쉽게도 프로크리에이트 전용 브러쉬라 타 프로그램과 호환되지 않습니다🥲

Q. Can I get it right away?

구매 즉시 바로 받아볼 수 있을까요?

Of course! As soon as you pay, you will receive a link to download to the email address you filled in. You can download it through the link.

네! 결제 즉시 구매자가 기입한 이메일 주소로 링크 발송 됩니다. 그 링크를 통해 다운 받아주시면 됩니다.

Q. Do you have a recommended canvas size?

권장하는 캔버스 사이즈가 있을까요?

Please use less than 5000 pixels,

I recommend 3000 * 3000 pixels for the optimal size. 

5000 픽셀(px) 이하로 사용해주세요, 

최적의 사이즈로는 가로*세로 3000 픽셀(px) 권장드립니다.

Q. Can I participate in a contest or commission with a drawing using a brush?

브러쉬를 활용한 그림으로 공모전 출품이나 커미션 활동 가능할까요?

Yes, of course! It's a commercially available product, 

All creative activities, education, and illustration production and sales are available. However, unauthorized copying or sharing, re-uploading and reselling are prohibited Failure to do so may result in legal problems.

네 그럼요! 상업적으로 사용 가능한 제품으로, 

모든 창작 활동과 교육 및 일러스트 제작 및 판매 가능합니다. 

 (단, 무단 복제나 공유, 재업로드 및 재판매 금지입니다. 이를 어길 시 민형사상의 법적 책임을 물을 수 있습니다.)

🤍How to download

*If you didn't get an email, please check your spam mail.

메일을 받지 못한 경우, 스팸메일함도 같이 확인 해주세요!

* This product cannot be refunded or exchanged due to the nature of digital files.

디지털 파일 특성 상 환불 및 교환이 불가능한 상품입니다.

신중하게 구매 부탁드립니다.

Enjoy drawing with a brush!

HAEYOON ©️ Create with Procreate, All rights reserved.

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HAEYOON Portrait brush set (8) for Procreate

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